6th Grade Student Projects
Descriptions and Resources
Click on a project title to read a description of the project, discover the best resources for your research, and link to websites selected and approved by Mrs. McHugh, Mrs. Calhoun, and the classroom teacher.

  ART 6Mrs. Iannone's Portrait
Artist Project

  SS 6      Mr. Lange

  Ancient Egypt
  SS 6      Mr. Lange Evaluating Webpages
  SS 6      Mr. LangeOnline Resources for Information
  ELA 6Mythology

  FACS 6

Careers project
  Math 6Math Facts Practice
  Music 6Musical Terms
  Science 6Invention from History
  Science 6

Birthday Moons                         Moon Phases
Lunar Phases Activity from Utah

Social Studies 6          
Social Studies 6
Mesopotamia - British Museum
Social Studies 6Write like a Babylonian - Make a cuneiform monogram
Social Studies 6
Social Studies 6Ancient Rome
Social Studies 6Middle Ages
Technology 6Technological Change & Inventions